Machine Printing

the technology

At ABC Photo we continue to offer silver halide prints up to 12″ x 18″ on a wide variety of photographic papers on our Noritsu QSS-3101. Silver Halide prints are superior to inkjet prints in sharpness, colour gamut, dynamic range and stability.

file preparation

For output to our Noritsu Digital Printers, we offer two options to choose from:

  • Noritsu Digital Machine Printing
    • customer prepared, ready-to-print files.
  • Noritsu Digital Custom Printing
    • image files requiring file preparation to output.

When preparing your digital images for Noritsu Digital Machine Printing the following criteria must be met:

  • Files can only be either TIFF or JPEG, as we do not support camera raw files
    • TIFF files can contain no Adobe Photoshop layers or channels.
    • JPEG files are recommended to be saved at maximum quality, i.e. 10 – 12.
  • Images for output should have a minimum of 150 ppi at final size for optimum image quality.
  • All images must be in an RGB colour space with the appropriate ICC profile tagged.
  • All images must be be 8-bit colour.
  • File names should be kept to under 30 characters saved with the appropriate extension .jpg or .tif.
  • All images should be sized and cropped to the requested print size. Images not sized or cropped correctly will be centre cropped only.


ForĀ Noritsu Digital Custom Printing, there is an additional service charge for file preparation. Please contact the digital imaging department via phone at 604-736-7017 ext. 5001 or via email at

digital machine printing services

The following is a listing of digital machine printing services that we provide. If you do not find the information you need, please feel free to contact our digital imaging department via phone at 604-736-7017 ext. 5001 or via email at


additional prints from the same file
matte (N) | gloss (F)10+25+50+100+from slide
wallet-2up (2.5 x 3.5)1.500.500.420.390.32n/a
3.5 x 50.590.500.420.390.320.99
4 x
4 x 60.590.500.420.390.320.99
5 x
5 x 72.752.251.751.501.252.95
8 x 105.553.953.753.202.705.95
8 x 126.553.953.753.202.706.50
10 x 108.756.
11 x 1412.058.997.996.995.9911.95
12 x 1214.258.997.996.995.9914.95
12 x 1816.5510.008.006.505.5015.95