Retouching & Restoration

photo retouching

The photo retouching process begins with the digitization of your original before any manipulation is performed ensuring that there will be no damage to the original. After the image is scanned and retouched, you will receive the finished file on CD and you will have the option to have a digital print made from one of our digital printers, the Noritsu 3101, Océ LightJet or Encad Novajet Pro depending on your application.

Prior to the start of any retouching work, our digital retoucher will estimate the price required for the job. All prices shown below are for reference only.

basic retouching

basic_beforebasic_after Our basic retouching service includes fixing light damage to the photograph in non-detailed areas and minor spotting.

pricing: 75.00 – 100.00


intermediate retouching

intermediate_beforeintermediate_after If your photograph has a significant amount of damage in the detailed and non-detailed areas of the photograph, you will require the intermediate restoration service. We can also recover images that have been damaged by sunlight or water by enhancing the existing colour tones while retouching the damaged areas.

pricing: 100.00 – 150.00


complex retouching

complex_beforecomplex_after For photographs with damage to more than 50% of the total area requiring extensive spotting, retouching and/or re-creation of parts of the photograph, you will need to bring it into our main location for an estimate from one of our digital retouchers who will provide an accurate cost on the job.

pricing: starting 150.00


digital manipulation

Our digital manipulation service can help you correct a photograph that was nearly perfect. Objects can be deleted. Expression changed. People inserted or removed. Backgrounds changed. With our digital retouchers, nearly any imperfection in your photograph can be corrected. Common requests for our digital services include montages of multiple photographs or digital images as welll as the colourization of black and white photographs.

hand colouring

Our digital hand colouring process is reminiscent of the traditional hand-tinting process using water colour inks. When submitting your black and white photograph for hand colouring, you will need to specify the colours for the subjects and objects within the photograph.

pricing: starting 185.00
(retouching not included)

for quotes and more information please contact an Imaging Consultant