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ABC Photo proudly produces and facilitates many international artists work exhibited both in our country and worldwide. Using our collaborative approach we can produce, crate and ship your work anywhere in the world.

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Current Featured Artist: Heather Benning – The Dollhouse

The Dollhouse was an 8 year project, which reached completion on March 23rd, 2013.  In 2005 I acquired the use of a farmhouse, abandoned in the late 60’s.  The house was located near Sinclair Manitoba on highway #2.  For over 18 months ( – winter) I re-shingled the roof with recycled shingles and restored and furnished the house to the era the house was abandoned.  I then removed the north-facing wall and replaced it with plexi-glass.  The house was officially opened to the public June 9th, 2007.  The house then stood tomb-like as a life-sized dollhouse for 6 years.  

In October of 2012 the house began to show its age, the foundation was compromised.  The house was only meant to stand as long as it remained safe.  In March of 2013 The Dollhouse met it’s death with fire.


Heather Benning was born in Humboldt, Saskatchewan in 1980. She began her formal studies in fine arts at the University of Regina, and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2004 and a Master of Fine Arts in sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art in 2009. Between her degrees, Heather returned to Saskatchewan, where she completed several large-scale, site-specific installations. Upon completion of her MFA, she worked as a mold-maker and technician for several Scottish sculptors and at Powderhall Bronze in Edinburgh, Scotland as a foundry technician. Heather has returned to rural Saskatchewan where she works part-time farming with her father. She is currently building a new body of work using the farm shop as her studio.

Heather is represented by Slate Gallery


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