Shipping Services

One of the most important services ABC Photo offers are our highly efficient shipping services. With the partnership of 4 different courier organizations and our expereinced shipping department, we simply can provide you with the fastest and easiest shipping solution and at the same time, with a better rate.


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Xpresspostâ„¢ – Canada is a shipping service for documents, packets and parcels that provides fast, guaranteed delivery at a cost much less than courier. This service is for consumers and businesses that need a faster service but want to choose their options and control their costs.

All prices below are for items that can be shipped via Xpresspost envelope only. Larger items or packages will require a custom estimate for the shipping charges.

 ground service
up to 8.5 x 11up to 11 x 14delivery time*
Alberta (Calgary/Edmonton)79.3next day
Alberta79.32 days
British Columbia (Lower Mainland)79.3next day
British Columbia (Vancouver Island)79.31-2 days
British Columbia79.31-2 days
Manitoba79.32 days
Newfoundland and Labrador9.5142 days
Northwest Territories9.5142 days
Nova Scotia9.5142 days
Nunavut9.5143 days
Ontario9.5142 days
Prince Edward Island9.5142 days
Quebec9.5142 days
Saskatchewan79.32 days
Yukon9.5142 days

* All delivery times are approximations only as ABC Photocolour cannot be held responsible under any circumstances in the event there is a disruption in service by the carrier. For more information on your shipment, refer to the carrier selected for delivery of your package.

Pricing is subject to change without notice. All prices do not include applicable taxes. Greyhound-logo_200x73


For over 65 years, Canada has counted on Greyhound for fast, dependable courier service. And Greyhound delivered like nobody else! Today, a worldwide network of Greyhound Courier Express locations offers a frequency of service unmatched in the courier industry.

– door to door service quoted below (time-wise).
– pickup at bus depot may result in earlier delivery of product.

ground service
<= 5 lbs> 5 lbsdelivery time*
Alberta (Calgary/Edmonton)11.55+ 0.19/lbnext day
Alberta11.55+ 0.19/lbnext day
British Columbia (Lower Mainland)n/an/an/a
British Columbia (Vancouver Island)9.3+ 0.18/lbnext day
British Columbia9.3+ 0.18/lbnext day
Manitoba13.9+ 0.21/lb3-4 days
Newfoundland and Labrador35.1+ 0.22/lb11-14 days
Northwest Territoriesn/an/an/a
Nova Scotia30.65+ 0.22/lb8-11 days
Ontario28.25+ 0.22/lb4-6 days
Prince Edward Island30.65+ 0.22/lb8-11 days
Quebec29.05+ 0.22/lb5-7 days
Saskatchewan12.55+ 0.20/lb2-3 days


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DHL has combined the strengths of three powerful delivery forces – DHL, Loomis and Danzas Air & Ocean – into a company united by one brand, one vision and one goal: to be the leader in express and logistics services both in Canada and around the world.

– express (by air) is available upon request.
– $5.00 surcharge on Home Delivery.

ground service
<= 5 lbs> 5 lbsdelivery time*
Alberta12.4+ 0.19/lb2 days
British Columbia (Interior)10.05+ 0.14/lb2 days
British Columbia (Lower Mainland)7.55+ 0.10/lb1-2 days
British Columbia (Vancouver Island)10.05+ 0.10/lb1 day
British Columbia (North)11.35+ 0.17/lb1-2 days
Manitoba14.55+ 0.23/lb3 days
Ontario19.1+ 0.26/lb4 days
Saskatchewan13.5+ 0.21/lb3 days


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As Canada’s leading overnight courier company, Purolator Courier Ltd. (Purolator) of Mississauga, Ontario is committed to making shipping the easiest part of the day for its customers. From automated solutions to around-the-clock pick up and delivery, Purolator provides its customers with the services and customized solutions required to get their shipments across town or around the world.

ground service

<= 10 lbs> 10 lbsdelivery time*
Alberta (Calgary/Edmonton)15+ 0.23/lbnext day
Alberta16+ 0.24/lb2-3 days
British Columbia (East)12.6+ 0.21/lbnext day
British Columbia (Interior)12.95+ 0.23/lbnext day
British Columbia (Lower Mainland)9.45+ 0.17/lbnext day
British Columbia (West)12.5+ 0.20/lbnext day
British Columbia (Vancouver Island)12.5+ 0.20/lbnext day
Saskatchewan (Regina/Saskatoon)16+ 0.27/lb2-3 days
Saskatchewan16.5+ 0.27/lb2-3 days