Film Processing

film processing services

The following is a listing of film processing services that we provide. If you do not find the information that you need, please feel free to contact our consumer services counter via phone at 604-736-7017 ext. 2001 or via email at

C-41 (negative)E-6 (slide) non-mountedE-6 (slide) mountedB&WAPS
35mm | 24 exp6.0010.5014.506.0015 exp4.50
35mm | 36 exp6.0010.5018.506.0025 exp4.50
120mm | roll6.0010.00n/a6.0040 exp5.00
220mm | roll11.2019.00n/a11.20
4 x 5 | sheet6.006.00n/a6.00
5 x 7 | sheet8.009.00n/a8.00
8 x 10 | sheet12.0013.00n/a12.00
push / pull4.
clip test7.00n/an/a7.00

Pricing is subject to change without notice. All prices do not include applicable taxes.